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Shenzhen Lanlian Digital Technology Co., Ltd is a foreign-funded enterprise found in 2002. The company is the only exclusive distributor of the international brand Sherwood in China.  Other than distribution, the company developed varieties of loud speakers for Sherwood receivers. Many models had great market reception and the company gradually became a specialist in the AV digital field.

In year 2014, Shenzhen Lanlian expanded its development into personal audio equipments as another main business but still emphasize on exceptional sound quality; bringing the workmanship and engineering from loud speaker to the portable audio devices.  The Shaba brand is used for the new product line.


Shenzhen Lanlian has its own energetic design team and R&D team to produce own unique design. All the items are original designs and own developed which are one of the company’s major strength and benefit for the clients. Toolings for the products are kept private and designs are patented to keep items exclusive for clients.

R&D team:  Engineers x5, Designers x3, Engineering Assistants x3

Certifications: CCC, ISO 9001, CE, RoHS, Import and export permit

Production Base

Shenzhen Lanlian Digital Technology Co., Ltd ‘s production base is in large scale and standardized, specialized in electronic products. Together with the R&D team, Shenzhen Lanlian is a one-stop solution provider for product development and manufacturing.  More over,  it is an authorized manufacturer for Disney.


-Employees: 60-80 people

Production equipments:



-Assembly lines x8

-Injection Mould Machines x8

-Inspection Equipments:

-Environmental chamber

-Vibration table

-Drop tester

-Salt spray test machine

-Key life test machine

-Abrasion tester

-Bursting Strength Tester

-Automatic insertion and

 withdrawal test machine

-Electroacoustical instrument

-Wire bending tester

-Earphone torsion tester

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